Friday, June 11, 2010

Questions & Answers

Hi, Dr. Michael Lee, Kelly here. I came across the Optimum Chiropractic website and so I decided to e-mail you, asking you few questions about scoliosis and chiropractic.I will be enlightened if you were to spend some times reply my e-mail, resolving my doubts.

I'm 18 this year and I just found out that I've a scoliosis. It bents about 25 degrees. I was told by the western medicine doctor that it can't be cured.

So, I wondering is that true that scoliosis can't be cured? And

Will practicing taekwondo worsen my condition?


25 degree at 18 years old can be improved but cannot be cured. What is your definition of cure? Does your cure mean reducing the curve to 0 degrees?? 25 degrees can only be improved to about 15 degrees maximum.

Taekwondo may not worsen your condition. Bad posture, bad mattress, bad sitting habits will worsen it.

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  1. Hey you, please do take care of urself..
    dont make the condition even worse..okay?
    I'm worrying about you...

    take care <3